Creating  Community for

BIPOC Kinksters

Black Inculsive People of Color

We are bringing together all the Black & POC kinksters in Austin to build a community focused on private events, group outings, and general comradery.

We host public events every Thursday night. We also do at least one private, member-only event each month. To become a member, you have to meet 3 simple qualifications:

  • Be Black or a POC

  • Live in Austin, Tx (or an area around Austin, Tx)

  • Come participate in one of our public events

Diversity is our common ground.

Austin black social club’s mission is to bring together BIPOC kinksters in Austin and the surrounding areas with a focus of building community, expanding kink education, and social links within the community.

After you participate in your first event we will upgrade your account to make our Member Only events visible to you.

About Us | Austin Black Social Club

The Austin Black Social Club was founded to provide a space for BIPOC kinksters in Austin. Being BIPOC in the lifestyle can be trying at times. There aren’t a lot of us in the lifestyle and even fewer attend local lifestyle events, mostly for fear of being the only Black or POC person there. Our club was created to provide a space where Black & POC lifestylers could find events just for them and meet companions to attend other kink events with.

Build a Community

We are creating a community for all BIPOC kinksters in Austin and its surrounding areas and create a space that all sexually liberated Black people can enjoy..

Provide Events

We host events for BIPOC kinksters to attend and socialize with other like minded Black people.

Support Self Education

We encourage our members to learn more about kink and explore their sexuality by attending classes, reading books, communicating with others, etc.



Austin Black Social club is an eclectic group of kinksters coming together for more representation of bipoc faces in the ATX area.

Originally started as a social experiment, we have evolved into a safe haven for kinksters of all experience levels. We focus on in person meetings and interactions to help continue to nurture a growing, interactive community focused on BDSM education and exploration.